A journalist turned mage.


Ben Arron Knight
28 years old. Born Dec 21 at 12:01 am.
190 lbs.
Brown hair
Blue eyes

Born in Star City to Amanda, a house wife; and Eric Knight, a top flight scientist with Star Labs; the young Ben had a rather normal childhood. The Black Light Event put an end to the age of superheroes shortly after he was born. The lost of this age of legends had little impact on Eric. Most of the costumed heroes and villains were of a similar type to Batman. The fact that the Black Light Event also seemed to put an end to alien threats to the planet also brought about a greater sense of overall peace. Countries would continue to war and to fight.

But for Eric this all passed as news stories. He was a hyper intelligent young man that excelled at the arts. He was good at writing and laying out stories. With a focus on trying to become a reporter the likes of Louis Lane had been the key drive for most of his young life.

Born the oldest of three children he is rather close to his brother James and his sister Nimue. The three children all seem to have a different slant even though they are still to this day rather close. James being the athletic “knight” and Nimue being the science minded of the three. They had the typical rivalries, but when an outside threat would happen the three would band together and used their combined skills to deal with it.

School bullies learned that the Knights were not to be messed with. Eric would use his gift for the written word to make up satirical stories of the bully that others would remember and at times sing. James would be the silent warrior and Nimue would find out what secrets they would not want shown.
They only did this after someone had physically caused harm to them or to someone they saw as being weaker then them.

People joking referred to them as the Knights of Oak Forest. As the trio grow up they got scholarships to different schools. James got a full ride for both football and baseball to Metropolis University, Nimue got selected for the science track at the MIT and Eric got a scholarship to Gotham University.

Eric’s interest in occult studies started at college as he found long hours alone in the stacks. Starting with the old favorites of the Pendragon Cycle he began to dig deeper into the theory of and ideas of magic. He found Crowley’s Gold Dawn to be interesting on a point of theory, but Uncle Al was a raving mad man.
He also found that his skills as a journalist were good, solid in fact, but not amazing. He just could not create an article that was truly catching. Opinion pieces and commentary he would excel at. It was the pure reporting that would not be easy for him.

During this time he dated several young women. None stuck.

Moving back to Star City after college he got a job as a photographer and freelance reporter with the City Star. As age 22 he worked his way up to being able to live comfortably as a report and having quiet a bit of free time.
The next 6 years would see his life go through the natural flow. Few women would date him, most of those relationships would end as friends only.
Most of his free times is taken up by reading and studying. And to dream. To dream of eventually becoming a popular enough writer to change the world.

Living near his folks has been a good touch stone for the young man. His brother has made it to the edge of the majors, and his sister is starting her work with one of the major labs in the U.S.

And within his dreams…he dreams of magic…of green and black flames that whisper to him of Fate.


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