After the fall of gods

Faol's News Story


Here is what Faol has written as Ben Knight

“Does the World Need Superheroes?”
Basically a op-ed bit on are heroes needed?

“Heroes as Law Officers.”
Holding heroes that are sworn officers to the same standards as every other L.E. Officer.

“Finding Balance”
A op-ed piece on finding the right balance between having heroes and the respect for civil responsibility

“Villian Within,” “Nature vs. Background,” “Born ‘Bad’?”
Questioning if the theory of power corrupting is true.
3 series piece looking at the different theories surrounding developmental mindsets. Looking at research data on the break down of the backgrounds of former villians came from, and is it really genetics that decided how one will be former.
Main opinion is that at core showing honor to all is one of many counters to the growth of evil.

“Loose Cannons”
Having Heroes as L.E. officers does this given them a sense of being “untouchable?”

“Dark Nights,” “Twilight Song,” “New Dawn”
Touching on the ideas of what the Darklight Event really means. The social ramifications of the event and this new age. And how to keep moving forward.

“Fallen Warriors”
A piece in honor of Alpha and Wonderman

“Loyal Opposition”
Stressing the point in the wake of Alpha’s and Wonderman’s murders that this column is meant to ask the questions that need to be asked. The ones that bring about hard truths."

Future stories
“Day in the Life”
Sitting down with a known hero and interviewing them as to why they do what the do and how they spend their “public” day as a hero.

Should Heroes be required to be licenced and regulated?

“And Then?”
Asking how the world should move forward this time with the awakening of heroes. And how best to avoid the mistakes of the past.

“Liberty and Justice…for Some?”
Are heroes considered a higher class? Are people giving up liberties to heroes for a form of temporary security?



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